The Earth Day 2019 — 22 April 2019

The Earth Day 2019

Today is the Earth Day. We’ve just started our journey two days ago…perfect timing! It will be hard, and we would very much appreciate to get in touch with others who are doing the same, to get informed about products, good habits and events. If you are one of them, please do not hesitate to write a message to us! It is really important that we try to influence and contaminate each other.

If we have a look at our planet from the space, it is immediately visible how special it is. It’s so healthy, so blue and so green! But unfortunately, if we move closer, we figure out how strong the impact of human activity is. It’s very sad if we think that only 80 years ago the scenario was much different. What have we done in the meantime? The authors of this post were born at the end of the ’80s, so for us it is really difficult to imagine a different world compared to the one we currently live in. We were born in a world already full of “rubbish”, already intoxicated with globalization, already addicted to fashion, luxury and any kind of entertainment. We were born in a world where we have the illusion of having many different choices, but in the end we all dress the same clothes, eat the same food, have the same habits and it is very difficult to develop your own personality. We were born in a world where the only positive thing to do is to fight for your career, for your status, for money and to prove that you are better than anyone else, show that you are the best! Is it really possible to change, to stop behaving as machines and think with our head? Is it really possible to start asking ourselves: “what do we really need”, “what is the impact of our actions on the Earth, our home” and “can we have the same standard of living, wealth and health without eating all what we can find at the supermarket, without buying in a compulsive way”? These are the questions that we should ask ourselves every day, before wasting money for a nice bag or fashion shoes, before catching the plane just for a week-end or buying chocolate at the supermarket, and this is the challenge that we propose ourselves and you today…Do you accept it?

Hi there…this is us! — 20 April 2019

Hi there…this is us!

Hi there…First of all, thank you very much for visiting us, we are always very pleased to have new visitors! This page is non-profit personal blog of two hopeful Millennials, a young couple dreaming of a better and nicer world. Actually, we are not perfect (nobody is), and we are also trying to “find the way” to develop ourselves as respectful, responsible and conscious human beings, which is not easy at all and probably is a never-ending process! We’ve always been passionate about traveling, nature and animals, but only recently we’ve become fully aware of the global environment problems and we have decided to do something (even if not much, but better than nothing!). The aim of this blog is to share our experiences and our tips in order to reduce our impact on this planet, in order to inspire other people to do the same! We would be happy to also read your stories, get your impressions and hopefully improve further in our own journey. Please, be aware that we are not vegan, we don’t like “labels” and we don’t want to judge others or get judged: we would just like to learn and share more sustainable ways of living!

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